The Post Where I Find Out I'm a Pervert

HELLOOOOOOOO, PARTY PEOPLE.  What's up with you?

I've been working a metric fuckton.  It happens.  When I get swamped, I usually refer to it as "in the hole," like where'd they'd put you in prison for being an asshole++.  I've been in the hole for about 6 weeks now.  Usually when I'm in the hole, I will just put whatever music on my iTunes that I have the most of, so I don't have to stop and change the music as much, and I've been on a Dinosaur Jr binge for this particular time in the hole.  I've listened to every single Dinosaur Jr album, from 'Dinosaur' to 'I Bet on Sky,' plus all the b-side albums and imports and live albums and J Mascis solo albums.  According to my iTunes, I've listened to all of them 31 times, which works out to about 385 hours that I've been in my office by myself.  GOOD TIMES.  At least I know that when I am on my deathbed, I won't have regrets that I didn't spend enough time alone in my office.