A Love Letter

I'm gonna go off the chain here.

I know that I am pretty skeptical.  I am SUPER good at finding flaws in stuff, and I never believe that any product is going to save the world and make everybody happy forever.  

BUT!  BUT!  Like, what if I found something and, like, completely fell in love?  What then?  Well, I would write a post like this where I spit a bunch of poems and flowers about it.  


BB Creams: They're OK


This is the new crud on the scene.  Kinda.  I mean, it's been around for awhile, but the pedestrian makeup brands have recently started cranking them out, and people write me about them all the time.  I mentioned them once before, then wrote a little mini thing about them, but still people wanted me to talk about them, so I thought I would do a post about them today.  


Fix That Nail

My nail issues are well-documented.  I'm basically a recovering cannibal.  I've had a pretty good handle on it for the past couple years, but the million years I spent eating myself resulted in some pretty funky ridges in a couple of my nails.  Most of them are just minor, and polish will cover them.  My ring finger on my left hand, though, was apparently my favorite one to eat, because it has a pretty terrible ridge, and my nail will always break down the ridge.  

Recently, I cut my nails down and grew them back so I could get rid of some of the staining and a couple spots where I picked polish and shit was a little peel-y.  I finally have enough nail to paint, and I noticed that my ridge broke.  Usually, I will just cut my nail and file it down, but this one ripped to the quick, and I wanted to paint them and be glamorous instead of having farmer hands for another week or two.  So, I'm going to show y'all how I fix my broken nails.  It's pretty easy, and it's a good trick to be able to pull out of your hat.



Let's talk about snacks!

Like everybody else on the entire planet, I like to eat food when I am hungry.  Unfortunately,  when you are trying to become more fit (fitten up?  be more fitter??), sometimes it is hard to come up with something to snack on that is good, and also won't totally blow your calories for the day so you have to have miso soup and an old hunk of celery for dinner.

Obviously, the best, healthiest, and lowest calorie option would probably be some vegetables or a piece of fruit or something, but that suuuuuuucks.  You want something a little snackier than that sometimes, right?  So, today I am going to show y'all some of my favorite light snacks!  Then, in the comments (or by email), you can tell me what you like.  I'm not the final word on stuff, I want some low-cal food ideas, too.