Totally Gullible


I know I haven't been around here for a little while.  I'm not gonna apologize about it or craft some kind of drama to excuse it.  I've just been swamped with work and my childcare poofed into the atmosphere and this is my hobby that I make a hot $30 a month off, so it got pushed to the bottom of my priority list.  

So, let's get back to talking about this makeup shit....


The Post Where I Find Out I'm a Pervert

HELLOOOOOOOO, PARTY PEOPLE.  What's up with you?

I've been working a metric fuckton.  It happens.  When I get swamped, I usually refer to it as "in the hole," like where'd they'd put you in prison for being an asshole++.  I've been in the hole for about 6 weeks now.  Usually when I'm in the hole, I will just put whatever music on my iTunes that I have the most of, so I don't have to stop and change the music as much, and I've been on a Dinosaur Jr binge for this particular time in the hole.  I've listened to every single Dinosaur Jr album, from 'Dinosaur' to 'I Bet on Sky,' plus all the b-side albums and imports and live albums and J Mascis solo albums.  According to my iTunes, I've listened to all of them 31 times, which works out to about 385 hours that I've been in my office by myself.  GOOD TIMES.  At least I know that when I am on my deathbed, I won't have regrets that I didn't spend enough time alone in my office.


Hello Hello Open Thread

I've had a generally shitty week or two in terms of doing anything I enjoy, like blogging or whatever.  First my kid got impetigo, then she got an upper respiratory infection that promptly turned into an ear infection, then she got gastroenteritis, which was the shitty cherry on the shitty sundae.  I'm not sure if you've been around 4 year olds with snotty colds or stomach flus, but they basically put mucus everywhere and then puke all over everything you love, and then also spray diarrhea on everything.  IT'S AWESOME!  



I've been having a pretty homely time lately!!

Usually I like, you know, putting clothes on and doing my face and all that, but I've had my hands full with some very dirty projects, and I just can't bring myself to get my clothing filthy and put makeup on and immediately smearing it off when I get shit on my face.  Honestly, though, I think it would be dumb to try to look fly while taking dust baths in filth.  I like looking nice, but I really don't think I am fooling everybody when I put makeup on, and I don't really care much if people see my regular human face.  I get pink and I got some red spots from old zits.  Oh, well!


Hair Removal/A Few Contest Follow-Ups

Hello, people!  

I always I want to say HELLO, LADIES, but I know there are dudes who read this, too, so I don't want to be non-inclusive or whatever.  YOU DUDES MATTER.  EVERYTHING IS GONNA BE OK.

Do y'all wanna talk about hair removal?  I SURE DO... kinda.  Actually, I wanted to write about something that wasn't makeup or nails to break things up a little.



So, today is the day!  I slapped together all the pics I got, clicked the random number generator a few times, and put this bitch out to pasture.  I am sure y'all want me to get down to it without too much chit-chat.


Let's talk Contest + Primers + Pricy vs. Not Pricy

How are y'all doing today?  I'm doing fucking horrible.  I got some kind of upper respiratory thing going on, and then I started getting all crampy on top of it, then I woke up this morning with a giant stye.  The stye was really the cherry on the sundae, though, because there is nothing better than having looking at stuff suck when all you want to do is lay around all day.  OH!  And I had planned to do a mascara post today, too, which I can't very much do with a honking stye and an eye-load of greasy eyedrops.  So, today, I am just gonna pull up a few emails I got and write about a few different things.

The first order of business...  THE CONTEST.  I'm sure y'all remember that the deadline is the 14th, which is a few days away.   I've received a lot of entries!!  The question I want to pose to you is this...  My original plan was to post everybody's picture, and I have no problem posting everyone's picture, but I thought I would ask y'all if that is what you want.  Do you think it would be boring/overkill to look at 150-200 different pictures of people and you'll glaze over and not look at the whole post?  Or do you want to see all of the entries?  I don't have a preference either way, I just don't want to spend a long time setting up the contest post and have nobody look at it because it is too long.  LET'S VOTE!


Gel Manicures/Love Letter/Contest Reminder

Let's talk about gel manicures, since y'all seem to be curious or want to talk about them or whatever.


Okay, so I started doing gel manicures on myself, like, 2 years ago or something.  I heard people chattering about them, and was intrigued/skeptical.  The snag for me, initially, was that it seemed to be a salon service, and I just really don't like people touching me.  I will get haircuts, but I don't want to go get a manicure or pedicure or a massage or any of those things where someone is touching on my body parts.

At the time, there seemed to be 2 options in terms of gel polish: Shellac and Gelish.  I chose to get a setup to do Gelish because they had way more colors, and way better colors (at least at that time.)  At first I got a big old school UV light, in case I hated it, because the little LED lights were way more expensive.  Once I decided I liked gel polish, I got the LED light, and it actually was a good move on my part because by time I was ready to get the LED, it was way cheaper than it was initially.


Foundation/Contest/Other Stuff

A recurring theme here seems to be that I bear a striking resemblance to a corpse they fish out of the Olentangy, and I seem to attract the attention of other ladies who also have a deathly pallor.  

I don't mind being pale.  In fact, it is pretty intentional.  I tan if I go in the sun without sunscreen, and when I was a kid, I was blonde and toasty-colored.  I stopped sunning myself when I started coloring my hair dark, because I thought it would look weird.  Now I just avoid the sun and use sunscreen because I want to get the most of my face before I start looking like a raisin.  


HELLO PEOPLE/Drugstore Lip Stuff/Gel Strips

I trust y'all had a decent holiday...  Mine was alright.  I tell you what, though, the transition from the laying-on-the-couch-style holiday break and the my-kid-has-no-school-and-is-bored-in-my-face-while-I-am-trying-to-secretly-make-her-dreams-come-true-style is a bit much.  That shit is over the top.

The elephant in the room is obviously the month long hiatus on this blog...  I was set to post in mid-December, but then there was that shooting and it seemed gauche/callous/yucky to post that day about vain stuff, then the holidays popped up with the combo of extreme busy-ness and no school/childcare, and now here we are!  I'm back on the regular weekly/sometimes more often than weekly schedule now, though.  I got some posts planned and some videos, and I am going to have a contest but I need to think more about how I am going to run it, since there aren't any cosmetic company people telling me what to do and how to run it and what the prize is gonna be.  Actually, I already know what the prize is gonna be, cause I already bought it, but I need to plan the contest itself.  If anyone has any great ideas, feel free to share them, otherwise I am just going to pull something out of my ass.

SO!  I'm just gonna do a quick-n-dirty post about STUFF!!