The Pig/Nail Garbage

So, I have this theory, right?

I think that, when people buy shit that is overpriced or overhyped, they have a tendency to be a little dishonest about how they feel about it.  Or maybe not dishonest, per se, maybe more like ultra-hyperbolic about the couple things that are good, and just ignore the bad stuff.  I think maybe people feel a little bad or guilty or stupid about buying stuff, then they wax poetic about it so they don't feel like they got taken, or at least so other people don't think they go around blowing money on garbage.

Anyway, I hate that shit.  If it sucks, say it sucks.  If you gambled with your money and it didn't work out, then maybe say something about it so maybe someone else won't do the same thing??  I don't know.  All I know is that I have bought my own fair share of stuff that people just go on and on about, and had it suck so bad I wanted to die.

This might be an unpopular post, people, but today I am going to feed Seche Vite and Butter London nail polish to The Pig.  I am gonna feed 'em both, cause they aren't expensive enough to be satisfying Pig posts on their own haha.


Cheap Stuff

I thought I would do a quick post for y'all today, and feature some of my very very favorite CHEAP STUFF FROM THE DRUGSTORE!!!  Here is a video for you to watch!!
CLICK THROUGH TO SEE A LIST OF THE THINGS I'M TALKING ABOUT!!  Maybe you prefer reading, or hate watching me talk.  I got you, baby.  Click click click.



OKAY, GUYS!!  I've been promising to do an eyebrow post since y'all started requesting them after my first post on this blog...  I had to grow my eyebrows out, though, so I could have something to show you, and actually give you an eyebrow shaping/grooming post instead of a post about how I take three seconds to rip my stray fuzz out every few days.  Now I am complete ungroomed mess, so TODAY IS THE DAY!!!

I actually almost caved and did my eyebrows over the weekend, because I had a party to go to, but I didn't have time to do a blog post before going to the party, so I just made sure my bangs were down and went with my eyebrows all over the place.  That's commitment!!  That's love!!