I've been laying low on here for a minute since I've been working on a new project.  Maybe you've seen it already the couple times I've linked it from Facebook, but I haven't linked it officially on any of my real-life websites.  BUT HERE WE ARE!!

Basically, I started a nail polish biz.  I tested the waters a bit on Etsy to make sure I had my workflow sorted out, and once I was comfy with that, I made a website to use instead.  I was just taking baby steps so I don't start going whole hog and have things pop up that I didn't anticipate, you know I'm paranoid as hell.  Anyway, that's where we are now...  I got my workflow sorted out, got my shipping and packaging sorted out, sold a few batches of polish and sent out good number of orders, and now I am wading out a little farther and flipping on the real site and posting about it here so a few more people know about it.

Basically, I make nail polish.  My first season came out a month or so ago, and I released 6 colors.  I made all of it-- mixed the colors, tweaked the glitters, made the boxes and labels and put the color names on everything by hand.  I've been selling out pretty quickly every time I've stocked and restocked thus far, but I made a good amount this time...  I only anticipate one more potential sell-out of stock, just because I am changing a few more things and tweaking my suppliers, but once that's done I'm going to have a steady supply going on.  I also have 15-17 new colors (glitter and regular) that I am testing to make sure they're stable and are gonna wear well, and those should be out in the next month or two.  If you want to keep abreast of new colors and exclusive sales/coupon codes, check out the Facebook page for this whole enterprise.

So, check it out if you want!  Peep the coupon code in the sidebar of this blog!  I've been having a good time fucking around with this stuff and trying to make something that I think looks tight and wears well, and I hope you like it, too.  If it's not your thing, I will check you back on this blog in the next few days with a regular-style blog post!

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