My taste is a little plain when it comes to a lot of clothing.  I like weird, statement items, but you kind of need to pair wacky stuff with more understated stuff so you don't look like a mental patient (not saying I'm not a mental patient, just saying I like to be low key about it....)

That's why I have had a long term love affair with these shoes.  THESE SHOES!  They are basically as plain as possible, go with everything, and are so comfortable I wear them almost every day.

These are French Sole "Sloop."

I love them.

If I am not going to the gym, I am wearing these.  If I am getting ready and I can't find them, it is a code red emergency WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY SLOOOOOOOOOPS?!?!?!


So flat!  So black!  The shape is perfect, and if you get the suede, they aren't even shiny.  Plain as heck!

Did I mention they are also SO comfortable?  When you get a pair, you size down a half size-ish, then they break in after you've worn them a couple times and they are PERFECT.  They feel like slippers or socks on your feet.  The insides are also leather, so they hold up pretty well, too.  Not too sweaty.  The ones in these pictures are more than a year old, and I've been wearing them almost everyday, so you can see they don't self destruct immediately.  Super flexible!  They're just shoe heaven.

Look at them flex!

The other thing I like about them is that they are like Disney princess shoes, when the princesses are poor/cleaning up after mean people + woodland creatures or whatever the princesses do before they get whisked away to do princess shit.

"I dunno, bro. Those glass slippers look like they would suck to go to
Target in, gimme back my other Sloop."

They also come in about a million other colors/materials, although I am partial to the suede ones.  I've had my eye on the silver leather ones, but they don't seem like they would be the workhorse that the black ones are.  YEAH!  SLOOPS!  We're getting married and having babies, me and these Sloops.