Red Lipstick/Messed Up Teeth

Look at my crooked teeth!

I actually had braces when I was in middle school/high school.  Being a poor hillbilly, I ran into some issues when it came to the monthly payments.  When the orthodontist put my appointments on hold while they sorted it out, I just went ahead and yanked them off with a little pair of mini pliers.  POP POP POP POP!  That's what it sounded like when I was popping those brackets off.  Up yours, Dr. Walters.  Fix some other sucker's teeth, I like my crooked teeth just fine.

Actually, I like people more if they have messed up teeth.  It's probably just me trying to have positive self-image or something, but I think it makes people look honest or more charming or something.  Rock out with your snaggletooth out, etc etc.

Anyway, for my first really real post here, I thought I would talk about lipstick!  I've received a lot of emails over the years from ladies asking how I do my red, and so I figured I would start by talking about that...


The thing with red is, you have to pick a good one.  A red lipstick can look too orange on one person, too dark on another, blah blah blah.  You have to find the one that works best for you, and sometimes it is hard.  I've had the most luck mixing my colors up-- find a nice, bold neutral red, and then tweak it however you need it to happen...  add a brick-ish red, or a cooler pinky red, or whatever you need to do so it looks as red as possible without making you look fucky.

For reference, my skin is NW15 in MAC foundation.  If you are the same color, then maybe my lipstick color cocktail will work for you.  If not, find your color or colors, and you can slap it on in the same way I do.  Maybe you want to wear pink or orange or purple or black.  I don't give a fuck, live the dream.  

This method of application has served me well, so maybe it will work for you, too.  It might not last if you are in a pie eating contest, but otherwise it should do the job!  This is best if you want your lipstick to last as long as possible, with a matte finish.  If you want sparkly, slimy, porno lipgloss lips, you're on your own.  You can prob put a little gloss over this, but it would make it look sloppy and it wouldn't last as long.  


1.  Line your lips carefully, and fill them in with lipliner that matches the color you're going to apply.  For the lipstick I have on in the following video, I used this, but you can use whatever you want.

2.  Once you have your liner on, LIGHTLY apply your lipstick (or your first color of lipstick, if you're mixing.)  If you are mixing colors, once you are done applying the first color, tap on your second color and blend it into the first with a lip brush or your finger.  I used these lipsticks when I was putting mine on.  

3.  Blot!

4.  Brush translucent powder on your lips, through a single ply of kleenex, with a little fluffy brush, like a crease brush...  I explain this a little better in the video that follows.  This is the translucent powder I used, but I don't think it matters what you use.  I've even used Studio Fix powder, and that was fine, too.  Something powdery!!

5.  Repeat step 2 and 3!  Remember: light application, and blot!!

I made a little video to go along with this, but it didn't go too well...  I am a little out of practice when it comes to making videos, and I just blathered on and on and on, and it ended up being 20 minutes long.  SO!  I made another video where I just discuss the above lipstick application method, and I will leave the full-on tutorials for when I am a little better at this stuff.

Sorry this video is still 13 minutes long.  I need to learn to shut up.  Also, sorry about all the bangs, my hair lady canceled my appointment last week :(

Thanks for checking out my first post!  Feel free to email me at nataliedee@nataliedee.com if you have any suggestions for things you'd like me to try or talk about.