Question/Makeup Remover and Nails

Hey, Everyone!  Thanks for checking out my new site!  I've been getting a lot of feedback from y'all, and that is making it a lot easier for me to keep trucking along.  That being said....

Q: As a fellow pale chick, I am having the experience that finding foundation that matches my skin and is not just poorly made, hardly covers anything.  Makeup is a pain in the ass. I would love it if you suggested some brands or general tips for pale skin foundation matching.

A:  Lookit us, back on that Q and A stuff.  Meeeeeemoriessssssss............

I am as light as possible, basically.  Makeup companies have a hard time accommodating anyone who isn't completely average-colored.  If you're not MEDIUM, you're basically fucked.  If you're light complected, dark complected, anything exceptional in any direction, you get to fret every time you try to buy anything.  If you're pasty, even stuff that shouldn't be dark on you totally is (I'm looking at you, Benefit Porefessional.  Why does a primer need to be tan?  That shit would be sweet if the color wasn't shitty-ass.  The description says it is "Translucent" but that is a lie.)

Anyway, Revlon Colorstay foundation #110 is my main jam.  It matches pretty well, and is nice foundation.  I think maybe drugstore brands are better at matching a wider range of complexions since they make stuff for a wider subset of the population.  I've tried all kinds of foundations, and theoretically foundation would be something I would be willing to spend money on, since bad foundation looks terrible, but Revlon Colorstay is totally awesome and cheap at the same time.  If you have oily skin, get the oily skin one, if you're dry, get the dry skin one.  Duh.  For some reason the oily skin one seems overpriced on Amazon, but the regular price for this isn't so steep that you couldn't toss it in the cart when you are grocery shopping.

MAC powders have always served me well.  I am not too crazy about their foundations, but their Studio Fix is pretty good.  Studio Fix is really easy to deal with if your skin isn't too bad.  Decent coverage, feels nice.  It's a good thing to slap on real fast with some tinted chapstick when you run out to get milk, it takes about 2 minutes to look passable.  I think "15" is the lightest they have, either NC or NW depending on if you're warm complected or cool complected.  Even if I don't use it all the time, I always have a compact of that in my purse in case I need to sort myself out.  MAC concealers are decent, too.

If you're having issues, I like the Make Up Forever Full Cover concealer in the lightest shade (#1, naturally.)  Something that makes being pasty difficult is that it is hard to find foundation to match, but you need it more than other ladies because if you get a little zit, even if you don't pop it or mess with it, you will have a red spot for months.  At least I will.  It's bullshit.

If you are really super mega pasty, you can always try out the Manic Panic Dreamtone foundations...  They have actual white, and foundations that are extra-light with names like "Moonlight Anemic," which sounds like how I would describe myself, generally.  I have used these in the past, usually the powders.  Keep in mind, if you get white powder or foundation, you can mix it up with the stuff you already have that is too dark.  You certainly don't have to do it up like Abbath corpse paint, but you can get super light stuff, even if the quality isn't quite like Dior or whatever.

Lastly, green primers and concealers work pretty well if you're pale.  I like this guy and this guy.  Sometimes it helps to tone down the redness on your face before putting makeup on, so you don't have to put on so much.  Also, make sure that, if you wear blush, you try to avoid anything with bronzy elements to it.  Even things that you wouldn't think have gold flecks, totally do (Again, I have to look at you, Benefit...  Dandelion blush looks like a good color, then you put that shit on and it has all kinds of gold shimmer in it that just looks weird if you are pasty.  I am sure it is lovely if you are colored like a regular person, but it looks mad weird if you're a mole person.)


I made y'all another video, if you want to watch me drone on and on about stuff again.  No pressure.  

This video is about my favorite makeup remover, Shiseido Ultimate Cleansing Oil (look at that, $11 vs. $25 at Sephora.  I told y'all....or, I guess, I am about to tell y'all!)  Also online shopping, and the new Sally Hansen nail strips.