I thought I would do a short video blog today.  In this video blog, I mumble about stuff, then talk about my new favorite lip stuff, and show you my new sunglasses.  I made a video to keep things fresh/keep our relationship exciting (making a video on my blog is the equivalent of surprising your boring old boyfriend with a blowjob), and also because I have logorrhea, which resulted in me wrecking my thumb after writing a note to somebody that ended up being a novel.  YOU KNOW HOW I DO!  I CARRY ON ABOUT BULLSHIT UNTIL I PINCH MY THUMB OFF AND I CAN'T FEEL IT FOR DAYS!!!

Here is my video:
Click through for links to the things I am talking about!!  And to read about other stuff!!

MAC CREMESHEEN GLASS/Loud and Lovely <---- this one is the shit.  
L'OREAL INFALLIBLE LIPGLOSS/Pink Splash ($1.96?!?! Get the last 3, guys, and when they're sold out, just look 'em up somewhere else if you want it.)
REVLON JUST BITTEN KISSABLE BALM STAIN/Lovesick (I think I lost about 18 IQ points typing that one out.)

Yep, those are all good pink lip shits.

Also, my sunglasses are those Prada Baroque ones, but I feel like a dumbass linking to them.  You can find them if you want to make fun of how much I spent on them, or if you are also a dumbass and want to buy some.  Don't buy knockoffs, though... if you're opposed to designer stuff, then you shouldn't want to appear as though you are wearing it, and if you're not opposed to it, you know the knockoffs never look good anyway.

While we're on the topic, this is my spending hierarchy when it comes to clothes and stuff.  You get a cheap purse and the strap breaks while you are crossing the street and dumps your stuff in the road in front of an oncoming bus... You get a $100 tshirt or a La Perla bra, and you are basically just flushing money down the toilet because you need to rotate your bras, and nobody is going to check the tag on your black tshirt to make sure it's Alexander Wang.  Priorities!!!

Anyway, a short blog for y'al!  Wish me luck in growing my eyebrows out so I can show you how to wax and trim them!!  I think I may have killed them because it is taking forever to grow them out hahaha.